Massage therapy

  • Massage of your choice

    We offer you the choice between a relaxing, therapeutic and a sports massage.

    45$ / 30 minutes
    60$ / 45 minutes
    75$ / 60 minutes
    95$ / 75 minutes
    115$ / 90 minutes
  • Hot stones massage

    A heat therapy massage providing your whole body with deep heat. This relaxing massage will dissolve your tensions and help you forget about your daily stress.

    105$ / 75 minutes
  • Oblivio massage

    Personalized massage mixing perfectly aromatherapy and heat therapy in order to give you a complete relaxing experience. Done with warm massage oils, it includes a mix of relaxing, therapeutic and hot stones massage techniques.

    125$ / 90 minutes
  • Massage for pregnant women

    Massage adapted to pregnant women, offering an ultimate relaxing moment that reduces stress and relieves many pregnancy-related aches.

    75$ / 60 minutes

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Body treatments

  • Body wraps

    Our body wraps are an anti-ageing, antioxidant well-being and beauty timeout, which encourage healing and boost circulation. We offer two different body wrap treatments, choose between Red Seaweed and Tea, and Organic Flowers.

    60$ / 40 minutes

    Club Oblivio: Buy 5 body wrap treatments and get the 6th free!

  • Exfoliation treatments

    Our full-body exfoliation treatments brighten, soften and hydrate skin. Choose between our Sweet Cane Sugar scrub and our Detoxifying Himalayan Pink Salt scrub.

    60$ / 40 minutes

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  • Gentle flowers

    For normal skin types. This moisturizing facial with organic flowers is ideal for maintaining healthy, hydrated skin.

    70$ / 45 minutes
  • Oblivio by Aquafolia

    Luxury facial with organic flowers. This all-in-one treatment covers all your needs, including a head and foot massage.

    125$ / 90 minutes
  • Specialized facial

    Choose a facial designed for your skin type or let our professional beauticians advise you about the best treatment for you. Oblivio Spa provides specialized facials that target specific issues:

    ● Acne (large pores, blackheads, excess oil)
    ● Sagging and ageing skin (wrinkles, fine lines, loss of skin tone)
    ● Age spots
    ● Redness, blotchiness, rosacea

    98$ / 60 minutes
  • Makeup application

    35$ / 45 minutes

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Manicure / Pedicure

* Add a paraffin treatment to your manicure for an extra 10$ and to your pedicure for an extra 15$.

  • Oblivio manicure by Aquafolia

    A Himalayan Pink Salt scrub followed by an organic flowers hand wrap with a massage and full manicure, choose from any of our nail varnishes.

    68$ / 60 minutes
  • UV Manicure

    Complete manicure, nail polish of your choice.

    45$ / 40 minutes
  • Oblivio pedicure by Aquafolia

    A Himalayan Pink Salt scrub followed by an organic flowers foot wrap with a full pedicure, choose from any of our nail varnishes.

    75$ / 75 minutes
  • UV Pedicure

    Complete pedicure, nail polish of your choice.

    50$ / 60 minutes

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Waxing available on-site. Price may vary depending on the area to be treated.

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